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About Us

411 Tamils - An Online Business Directory aimed at advertising and promoting businesses of the Tamil community through Internet.

411 Tamils outlines a variety of electronic catalogues for shoppers from all walks of life. Our purpose is to advertise your paper catalog electronically! We will electronically translate it with pictures and graphics to advertise your product or service to the world. Moving onto the world of Internet is a key to a better future, as the world becomes more involved and dependent on the world wide web.

Our aim is to allow our viewers & clients to explore a variety of services we can provide. If you are a business, then why not let us advertise your service or product, using a wide range of banners and applets. And if you are not equipped with pictures or wordings, our team of experienced web creators, will do it for you. Spread your business to the world by advertising with us. This allows your business to be accessible by any web browser using any search engine.

Even if you don't have a business, visit us anyway, to search for a business or service or product near your neighborhood or in your local city. By searching through our businesses, you will find the best products and services that you are looking and also details about the products and services. In addition, this will help and boost the businesses in your community and neighborhood.

So we look forward to your business, and seeing you more often! Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to e-mail us at with your comments and questions.

Management Team
411 Tamils

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